Kerobia is a band formed by Xabi Bandini (guitar and vocals), Mikel Zorrilla (drums), Alberto Isaba (bass), Mikel Isaba (keyboards) and Rubén Matilla (guitar).

This group from Iruña was created in the last month of 2001 when Xabi, Mikel and Germán San Martín (former keyboardist) put together. They worked as a three-people band until January 2003 when Karlos Ortiz joined the band as a bass player. With this formation they published their first album: Kerobia (2004, GOR), album that won the 'Gazte saria' award to the best album of the year in the Basque Country. After the album's presentation tour, in December 2005 they started to work in their second album and Karlos Ortiz left the band, being replaced by Alberto Isaba on the bass guitar.

With this new formation the second album was published: Rose Escargot (2006, GOR). After being on stages until the end of 2007 Germán left the group and Mikel Isaba joined at the keys.

Soon afterwards Kerobia started a new project, that has been already finalised: the recording of a trilogy of three albums that gives as a result a sole discographic work. The connecting thread of this trilogy are the thrash containers. We have them in three colours, one for each album.

In April 2008 the first strike of the trilogy is published: Materia organikoa eta gainerakoak (2008, Y LAS ARDILLAS MÁGICAS). One year after, in April 2009, the band obtains the 'Gazte saria' award to the best music group in the Basque Country.

In May 2009 the second part of the trilogy has seen the light under the title 'Papera eta kartoia'. Immediately guitarist Ruben Matilla has joined the band in order to bring this album's music to the stages.

The first of June 2010 the third part of the trilogy has been released. Titled 'Ontziak', this EP gives an end to the project. From now on, the band will be defending their trilogy songs on stages.

Maquette (2003, Self production)
Kerobia (2004, GOR)
Rose Escargot (2006, GOR)
Materia organikoa eta gainerakoak (2008, Y LAS ARDILLAS MÁGICAS). Green part of the trilogy.
Papera eta kartoia (2009, Y LAS ARDILLAS MÁGICAS). Blue part of the trilogy.
Ontziak (2010, Y LAS ARDILLAS MÁGICAS). Yellow part of the trilogy.

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