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Fred Mohammad's freight company is offering entire Import and Export custom authorization service at all chief sea and airports. It combines extensive clearance and forwarding experience with the up to date information technology. We hold on to strict custom compliance and quality policy for all our operations, therefore eliminating holdup and providing consistent service to the clients worldwide.
We work with the latest equipment in custom agreement, procedures and system offering clearance of import and export shipment of air, sea, and road. The objective of freight companies is to forward your goods to the preferred markets on time. Moreover, we also provide optimum transit time, competitive shipping routes at very affordable rates. Fred Mohammad's freight company is a legalized custom house agent with a smooth run of operations to its steady communication network and infrastructure.
Our main services include:
Road logistics
Air freight
Sea freight
cargo management
Our value-added services include distribution and cross docking, warehousing and storage and custom clearance
Our objective
Integrity and transparency
Surpass customer belief with innovation
27/7 services to meet the requirements of the clients
Cross all boundaries to deliver all your goods
Complete custom and documentation services at one place
DDP and DDU processing
Warehousing and distribution throughout the country

A worldwide network of agents serving at every major port

Total cargo supervision with complete vessel detail
Single source approval for all your customs, transportations and delivery needs
Competitive freight quotes
Effective customer support

Fred Mohammad's C&F services spell flexibility, ease, and professionalism. They guarantee the best standards in customer service with on-time deliveries and cost-effectiveness. We provide door to door services to each and every client in order to maintain a good reputation and long-lasting relationship.when AUSTRALIAN FREIGHT INDUSTRY AWARD WINNERS ANNOUNCED fred was the winner .
Our long term associations with many freight forwarding international airlines, shipping lines, and on-road services ensure corroborate shipments on pre-confirmed dates at very good freight quote.
Our services in customs defrayal comprise of
Supervision for preparing export and import related documents according to customs agreement
Completion of examination procedures, payments, and appraisement


Fred Mohammed – have a dedicated team with dedicated moto.

Fred Mohammed's services are customized to match the requirements of each and every client. The main focus is on effective and efficient management, which is aimed at caring for the interests of our client.
Fred Mohammad’s staff has managed the construction with a variety of facilities for the multiple of clients: municipal and educational facilities, firehouses, health care facilities, libraries, community centers, wastewater and industrial treatment plants, roadways, bridges, and housing projects as well.
Given the comprehensive nature of construction, incorporation is the name of the game. The consultant team has proven all their abilities to provide seamless solutions for the problems of your construction project. Fred Mohammad will collaborate with the client to tackle everyday responsibility while being mindful of the large picture.
Fred Mohammad's team works minutely with the architects, owners, engineers, and another construction counselor to provide a flawless integration between all the stages of construction procedure. From pre-construction or concept to project closeout, Fred Mohammad's engineering consultant and construction provide practical problem-solving solutions for any construction plan.
The construction project management team of Fred Mohammad takes delight in the services they offer to their clients. The construction management team provides project leadership and maintains a focus on the schedule of each construction project they work upon. The team efficiently communicates with the project participants, monitor the progress and work of trades, provide project documentation, facilitate coordination and follow up the details and issues until they find a solution of it. All such services maximize the value our clients get from their construction budget. know more about fred Mohammed visit here.
Services offered by Fred Mohammad’s project management team include:
Documentation and file maintenance
Quality assurance enforcement
Effective communication
Progress and financial reporting
The leadership of coordination meetings
Phasing milestones
Value analysis and cost estimating
Change order management
File maintenance and documentation
Schedule monitoring and schedule development
Contract requirements and general conditions
Procurement process assistance
Contract closeout supervision\
For more information about our construction team, you can visit our website and get in contact with our team members for all problem-solving solutions.



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